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Adding entry criteria for business process templates

Add entry criteria to a business process template when you want to specify conditions that must be met before the business process can be started.

Before starting this task, ensure that you have deactivated the business process template. You cannot modify active templates.

When you add entry criteria to a business process template, you create one or more rules that will be evaluated as either true or false. Rules are evaluated by comparing a field from the contact, KYC, company, opportunity, or service request record to a value that you specify.

To add entry criteria to a business process template:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes tab, select the template in which you want to add entry criteria.
  3. In the Entry Criteria subtab, click the Edit button .
    The Edit Criteria dialog opens.
  4. Click the Add button to add a rule to the entry criteria.
    A new line is added in the Rule Criteria area.
  5. In the Field field, click the Select button .
    The Field Picker dialog opens.
  6. Select the field that you want to use for this rule, then click OK. When the rule is evaluated, the selected field is compared to the Value field.
    The Field Picker dialog closes.
  7. [Optional] Select the Not checkbox if you want to invert the condition that you specify in the Condition field. For example, if Condition is set to equals, select the Not checkbox to specify that you want to evaluate this rule as though it is set to not equals.
  8. In the Condition field, select a condition to specify how the value in the Field field will be compared to the value in the Value field.
  9. In the Value field, enter or select the value to which the Field field will be compared.
  10. If you add another rule, a new field appears inline with the preceding rule. Select one of the following options to specify the relationship between the two rules.
    • AND
      Indicates that the current rule and its following rule must both evaluate to true for the entry criteria to pass.
    • OR
      Indicates that either the current rule or its following rule must evaluate to true for the entry criteria to pass.
  11. When you have finished adding rules to the entry criteria, click OK.
    The Edit Criteria dialog closes.

The entry criteria are added to the business process template. When a user tries to run the business process, the entry criteria are evaluated. If the entry criteria are met, the business process starts. If they are not met, an error is displayed and the business process is not added to the contact, company, opportunity, or service request record.

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