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Deleting actions for steps

Delete an entry or exit action for a step in a business process template when you no longer want the action to be triggered when the step begins.

Before starting this task, ensure that you have deactivated the business process template. You cannot modify active templates.

To delete an entry or exit action for a step:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes tab, select the template in which you want to delete entry or exit actions.
  3. In the Steps subtab, select the step whose actions you want to delete.
  4. In the Entry Actions or Exit Actions tab, click the Action button for the entry or exit action you want to delete, then select Delete.
    A confirmation dialog opens asking you to confirm that you want to delete the action.
  5. Click Delete.
    The confirmation dialog closes.

The entry or exit action for the step is deleted.

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