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Modifying categories in the system

You can edit the name, description, and icon that display in NexJ CRM. You can also change the contact types for which a category is available.

The changes that you make to a category are also reflected in any contacts associated with this category.

You cannot modify the view security of an existing category. View security settings are set when you create the category and are noneditable.

To modify a category:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace and select the Categories tab.
  2. In the categories list, select the category that you want to edit.
  3. To modify the category's name, description, or icon:
    1. In the detail area on the right, click the Edit button .
      The Edit Category dialog opens.
    2. Make your changes, then click OK.
      The Edit Category dialog closes.
  4. To modify contact types for a category:

    Your system administrator can restrict that contact types that are available to a category by category group. For example, your system administrator can make only certain contact types available to the Profile category group.

    1. In the Contact Types area, click the Select button .
      The Select Contact Types dialog opens.
    2. Use Add to move contact types to the right column or Remove to move contact types to the left column. Click OK.
      The Select Contact Types dialog closes.

The category's properties are now modified and users can now add categories to contacts for the contact types that you specified.