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Modifying custom fields in the system

You can modify a custom field's properties, for example, you can edit the name and description that display in NexJ CRM. You can also change the contact types that a custom field is available in. The changes that you make to a custom field are also made to all existing custom fields that are applied to contacts.

To modify a custom field:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace and select the Custom Fields tab.
  2. In the custom fields list, select the custom field that you want to edit.
  3. To modify a custom field's properties:
    1. In the detail area on the right, click the Edit button .
      The Edit Custom Field dialog opens.
    2. Modify the custom field's properties. Click OK.
      The Edit Custom Field dialog closes.
  4. To modify contact types for a custom field:
    1. In the Contact Types area, click the Select button .
      The Select Contact Types dialog opens.
    2. Use the Add button to move contact types to the right column or the Remove button to move contact types to the left column. Click OK.

      A custom field's group defines the contact types that are available for you to add to the custom field. The Select Contact Types dialog only contains the contact types that belong to the corresponding custom field group.

      The Select Contact Types dialog closes.

The custom field is modified.