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Configuring events

You can configure event coverage groups and event availability templates.

An event is a multi-day, multi-location showcase of a company or research analyst to potential investors.

When you configure events, you can configure the following for users:

Event coverage groups
Manage the event coverage groups that are available to users to apply to individual events. You can add, modify, and delete coverage groups, and add users to a coverage group. You manage coverage groups from the Coverage Groups subtab in Event Management tab on the Customize workspace. The Coverage Groups subtab displays a list of coverage groups on the left, and details about the selected group on the right, such as the users who are coverage members for the group.

Event availability templates
Create event availability templates to define daily meeting templates for event coordinators. You manage event availability templates from Templates subtab in the Event Management tab on the Customize workspace. The Templates subtab displays a list of templates on the left, and details about the selected template on the right.