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Managing availability templates

An availability template is a daily meeting template that defines event meetings for a 24-hour time period. Event coordinators use availability templates to quickly create multiple meetings on a particular day or on multiple days in an event leg. For example, an event coordinator might apply an availability template to create one-on-one meetings at 8:00 AM and group meetings at 10:00 AM from Monday to Friday for an event leg.

An event leg is a division of an event. Separates an event into parts that define the locations in which the event occurs or the themes for each part.

When you create an availability template, you do the following:

Create an availability template
Create the template and specify the template name and description that display in an event leg. You can also specify location and region settings and define, view, and edit settings for the template.

Add meetings to the template
Add event meetings to the template calendar. For each meeting, you define the meeting type, time slot start and end times, meeting duration, and the minimum amount of time between time slots.

Make the template available to other users
Change view setting on the template to make the template available to template users.