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Adding single event meetings to availability templates

Add one or more event meetings to an availability template to define the types and duration of meetings that are available to template users. Add meetings by creating a time slot, adding a meeting type to the time slot, and then defining settings such as the meeting duration.

An event meeting is a scheduled time slot that represents a meeting between event participants and attendees in an event leg. For example, a sales presentation for prospective investors.

To add event meetings to an availability template:

  1. In the Customize workspace, select the Event Management tab, then select the template to add event meetings to.
  2. In the calendar, click and drag to add a time slot that will contain the meeting.

    To change the time scale for the calendar, click the Calendar Settings button , and select a time value. By default, the calendar uses a time scale of 30 minutes.

    A time slot is highlighted on the calendar.

  3. Click Add in the highlighted time slot. From the menu that displays, select a meeting type. For example, select a time slot from 8 to 9 AM, click Add, and then select Breakfast Meeting meeting type.
    The Add Event Meetings dialog opens.
  4. In the Add meetings for this time range field, adjust the start or end time for the meeting.
  5. In the Duration of meetings field, specify that you are creating a single meeting by selecting Full length of time range.
  6. In Choose a meeting template, select a type of meeting.
  7. Click OK.
    The Add Event Meetings dialog closes and the event meeting is added to the template calendar.
  8. If necessary, repeat these steps to add additional event meetings to the template.

Meetings are added to the template calendar for the times that you specified.

If necessary, change security settings for the template to make it available to other users on the Events workspace.