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Configuring leads

Before you begin pursuing leads in NexJ CRM, you will want to configure how leads are managed in your deployment.

You can configure how leads are distributed and scored, what call scripts are available to use with leads, and what tasks are assigned to users as they pursue leads.

lead is a person who may be interested in purchasing a product or service.

You manage the configuration of your leads from the Lead Management tab in the Customize workspace in NexJ CRM.

The Lead Management tab is divided into four subtabs:

  • In the Distribution tab, you can create and manage distribution rule sets, which control how leads can be automatically distributed to owners.
  • In the Scoring tab, you can create and manage scoring rules, which determine how leads are scored.
  • In the Call Scripts tab, you can create and manage lead call scripts, which users can follow when calling their leads.
  • In the Sales Concept Call Scripts tab, you can associate sales concepts with call scripts.