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Configuring lead distribution rules

Distribution is performed according to rule sets. Rule sets contain the personal and business requirements a lead must meet to be assigned to an advisor. When the Distribution tool is used, available leads in your system are assessed and assigned to an owner.

For example, you could configure a rule that assigns all leads who are interested in retirement information to an advisor who specializes in retirement income products and services.

Distribution is controlled by:

Rule sets
Rule sets contain a collection of rules. They assign available leads to advisors. Rule sets control the visibility of leads using user groups. If a rule set is associated with a specific group, only financial advisors belonging to that group are able to see leads that are distributed using it. Rule sets have a top-down priority wherein the top rule has the highest importance. You select a rule set when you distribute leads.

Rules contain conditions. Each rule will distribute leads to a single advisor. Multiple rules can be added to a rule set to distribute leads to more than one advisor.

Conditions define the criteria of a rule. Conditions specify the properties a lead must have in order to be assigned to an advisor. Multiple conditions can be added to a rule to create more complex requirements for lead assignment.

Create new lead distribution rules to automatically assign leads to advisors based on their personal and business details.

Create and manage lead distribution rule sets from the Distribution subtab in the Lead Management tab in the Customize workspace.

Distribution subtab

The Distribution subtab in the Lead Management tab of the Customize workspace lets you view and manage the distribution rules in your system.

The Distribution subtab is divided into the following sections:

  • The Rule Sets list on the left contains all existing rule sets in your system. You can view and manage rule sets from this list.

    Rule sets are accessible to users based on the view and edit security specified when the rule set was created. The user who created the rule set also has access to the rule set.

  • The Rules list displays all rules associated with the selected rule set. Each rule is contained in a tile that can be expanded to display its conditions. New rules can be added using the Add button at the top of the zone.