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Adding conditions to distribution rules

You can add conditions to a distribution rule when you edit it.

To add a condition to a distribution rule:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Lead Management tab, click the Distribution subtab.
  3. In the Rule Sets list, select the distribution rule set that you want to add a condition to. Details of the rule set, including a list of its rules, appear in the Rules list.
  4. Expand the rule that you want to add a condition to and click Edit.
    The Edit Rule dialog opens.
  5. In the Rule Criteria list, click Add button to add a new condition to the rule.
    A new row appears in the Rule Criteria list.
  6. In the row, specify the details of the condition:
    • Field
      The field that is being queried.
    • Not
      When selected, changes the filter condition to its negative meaning.
    • Condition
      Specifies the condition you want to base your filter on. Available options include =<<=>>=contains, and unspecified.
    • Value
      Specifies the value which you want the condition to satisfy for the field.
    • And, Or
      Controls how multiple conditions interact with each other. This option is only applicable if the rule has more than one condition.
  7. Click OK when you have finished adding all your conditions.
  8. Click Set Owner.
    The Edit Action dialog opens.
  9. In the Assign To field, select the user who will become the owner of the leads meeting this rule's conditions and click OK.

Your distribution rule changes are saved.