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Configuring opportunity approvals in business processes

You can define opportunity approvals using business processes.

When you create business processes for opportunities, you configure users as approvers who can approve or reject approval requests for changes to opportunities.

Approval requestors are users with access to an opportunity who can submit approval requests for changes to the opportunity using a business process form.

You also provide:

  • Criteria that identifies which records will require approvals
  • Workflow information that determines how business processes run
  • Information that needs to be approved by approvers

Configuring approval for a high-value product opportunity

The following example shows how to configure a high-value product opportunity.

An administrator at a financial organization has been asked to configure an approval process that will trigger when the expected revenue for a product opportunity meets or exceeds a threshold of $1 million. The administrator completes the following tasks to configure a business process template for the business process:

  1. Defines a business process template called "Approval for high-value opportunity" for a product opportunity object type. Defines the entry criteria to trigger a request for approval when the expected revenue for a product opportunity is greater than or equal to $1 million.
  2. Configures a business process form for the business process template that provides an "Approval Request Review" page. The form enables approval requestors to update opportunity information when an opportunity meets or exceeds the threshold and submit a request for approval.
  3. Configures a step in the template for approval by a product partner and an entry action for the step that sends a notification to the product partner's notifications stream asking for the partner's approval.
  4. Configures a step in the template for approval by a relationship manager after the product partner has provided approval. Configures an entry action for the step that sends a notification to the relationship manager's notifications stream and email asking for the manager's approval.
  5. Configures exit actions for the template to send a notification to the approval requestor, who is the user who submits the business process form for approval, when the approval request is approved or rejected.
  6. Activates the business process template.

After a sales user updates the expected revenue for an opportunity so that it exceeds the threshold, the user submits the request for approval by submitting a completed business process form. The product partner, who has been designated as an approver by the administrator, receives a notification message that there is a pending request for approval. The product partner approves the request. Next, the relationship manager receives an email and approves the request. Finally, the sales user is notified that the request has been approved.