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Configuring opportunity templates

Opportunity templates define the types of opportunities that users can identify in NexJ CRM. An opportunity is any chance to generate revenue through a contact, such as the possibility of selling a particular product or converting a prospect into a new client.

There are two types of opportunity templates, which correspond to the category of opportunities they define: product opportunity and parent opportunity. A parent opportunity is an opportunity associated with a set of product opportunities, for example, insurance coverage, which may include home insurance and auto insurance product opportunities. A product opportunity is an opportunity associated with a product. For example, home insurance or a company credit card.

An opportunity template consists of an entity type and stages. The entity type is the type of contact that the opportunity is for, which can be a company, household, or contact. Stages are the steps in the life cycle of the opportunity, for example, an opportunity for life insurance might progress through the stages: qualification, application, underwriting, present policy, and closed.

In each stage, you can enter a probability, which indicates the percent chance that the opportunity will be won at that stage. You can also add related activities such as tasks and documents to stages, which are assigned when the stage is started.

You create and manage opportunity templates from the Opportunity Management tab in the Customize workspace. After you have created and activated an opportunity template, users can create opportunities from the template on the Opportunities workspace and the Contacts workspace.

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