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Customizing NexJ CRM

Business administrators with appropriate permissions can customize various aspects of NexJ CRM, including categories, custom fields, coverage groups, and templates, from the Customize workspace.

Customize workspace

The Customize workspace lets business administrators with appropriate permissions configure some features in NexJ CRM.

This workspace lets you configure many different features all in one place. You can manage different features in NexJ CRM through the following tabs:

Create, edit, or delete categories.

Custom Fields
Create, edit, or delete custom fields.

Create, edit, or delete saved lists.

User Lists
Create, edit, or delete user lists.

Client Coverage Groups
Create, edit, or delete client coverage groups.

Activity Plans
Create, edit, copy, or delete activity plan templates.

Business Processes
Create, edit, copy, delete, activate, deactivate, export, or import business process templates or flow templates.

Task Management
Create, edit, or delete task templates, which automatically assign tasks to one or many users.

Call Management
Create, edit, or delete contact center reasons for inbound calls; create, edit, copy, activate, deactivate, or delete call script templates.

Lead Management
Create and manage distribution rule sets, which control how leads can be automatically distributed to owners; create and manage scoring rules, which determine how leads are scored; create and manage lead call scripts, which users can follow when calling their leads; associate sales concepts with call scripts.

Create, edit, or delete system rule sets.

Form Library
Create, edit, copy, delete, activate, deactivate, export, or import flow templates.

Opportunity Management
Create, edit, or delete opportunity coverage groups; create, edit, activate, deactivate, or delete opportunity templates.

Create, edit, or delete products, which can be associated with opportunities.

Turned Off Notifications
View the notifications that users have turned off and turn notifications on again for users.

Event Management
Create, edit, or delete event coverage groups and event availability templates.

Account Mapping
Create, edit, delete, activate, or inactivate trading accounts, each of which is mapped to an institution.

Research Subject Management
Create, edit, or delete research subjects.

Service Request Management
Create, edit, or delete service request templates and add or configure mailboxes for support teams.

Localizing entities and activities

You can localize entities and activities in NexJ CRM to display captions in a user's preferred language.

An entity is an object in NexJ CRM that represents a person (such as a user, contact, or lead) or an organization of individuals (such as household, company, or department). In addition, it can represent an investment account. When Capital Markets functionality is enabled, entities can also represent institutions, sectors, and funds.

You must have the appropriate privileges to localize entities or activities.

Localize entities and activities by editing the entity or activity and selecting a locale. You can then enter caption translations for the selected locale.

You can localize captions for the following entities and activities:

  • Activity Plans
  • Business Processes
  • Categories
  • Client Coverage Groups
  • Contact Center Reasons
  • Custom Fields
  • Event Coverage Groups
  • Lists
  • Notifications
  • Opportunity Coverage Groups and Templates
  • Products
  • User Lists

To localize an entity or activity:

  1. In the Customize workspace, navigate to the tab for the entity or activity you want to localize.
  2. In the list of entities or activities, select the entity or activity to localize.
  3. In the Details tab, click the Edit button . To view existing localized captions, select a locale in the Locale field. Field values for the entity or activity update to display the selected language.
    The Edit dialog opens.
  4. Select a locale in the Locale field.
  5. In the fields, provide captions for the selected locale. For example, to localize a custom field for the French language, enter French captions in the Name and Descriptions fields.
  6. Click OK.
    The Edit dialog closes.

The entity or activity is localized. When a user changes their locale, the entity or activity displays captions in the language for the selected locale.