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Scheduling ad hoc reports

You can schedule ad hoc reports to run at a time that you specify. Managers create ad hoc report schedules to run reports at specified times and frequencies. Create schedules to run reports regularly, such as for weekly updates, or to defer running reports until a later time.

You configure a schedule to run a report once or on a recurring basis. For a recurring schedule, you specify the number of a times a schedule repeats by providing an end date or a total number of runs. For example, you can configure a schedule to run a report every Monday until the end of the month.

You then specify the file format for the ad hoc report, such as PDF or Excel, and the directory where the generated report saves. You can output ad hoc reports to the report repository on the JasperReports Server or to an FTP server.

You can also configure a schedule to send notification emails when a report runs. You can configure a schedule to email the report directly to recipients and send status emails when a report generates successfully or fails to generate.

To begin scheduling an ad hoc report, in the library, right-click the report to schedule, then select Schedule. In the list of scheduled reports, you can create new schedules and manage existing schedules.