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Importing contacts

Use NexJ CRM to import contacts from a legacy system and merge them with your current database.

This process involves the following steps:

  1. Create an import package. This ZIP file contains the legacy data in comma-separated values (CSV) files and mapping files, which map the legacy data to your current database. For more information, see Creating import packages.
  2. Import the data in the import package to a staging server. For more information, see Importing contact packages.
  3. Review the imported data. You can edit or delete imported contacts at this stage. For more information, see Reviewing imported contact data.
  4. Review suggested matches between the imported data and your existing database records. For more information, see  Reviewing match results and processing staged contacts.
  5. Process the reviewed data to integrate it with the data in your current database. You can create a new contact, delete a staged contact, or merge current and staged data for a contact. For more information, see  Processing staged contacts.
  6. Complete the import process. For more information, see Completing the import.

You can import contacts by navigating to the contacts panel in the Contacts workspace, clicking the Options  button, selecting Import, and selecting the required import option. Ensure that any users who want to use the contact import functionality in NexJ CRM have the ImportProcessView and ImportProcessManage privileges.