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Reviewing imported contact data

After importing contact data and notes, review it to verify that all data is present and correct. You can then correct any inaccurate information and discard any unnecessary records. You can stop reviewing the data and come back to the  Import Processes  dialog at any time.

Reviewing the records in the import package allows you to verify the data is accurate before submitting it for merging with other existing records in the system. It also gives you the opportunity to remove old or outdated records that you do not want to ultimately import into NexJ Customer Relationship Management. Carrying out this part of the import and merge process helps ensure a smooth migration of the data into the new system.

To review the imported contact data:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts workspace and click the Options button in the contacts panel.
  2. Select Import Contacts > View Imports.
    Your import job's  Stage  column should read  Review Staged Data, and the  Status  column should read Waiting for User.
  3. Select your import job and click Open.
    A new workspace with the name of your import opens.
  4. In the  Staged Contacts  area on the left side of the screen, review the list of all contacts that were included in the import package. Review each contact's profile and additional information to ensure that the import mapping was correct. For each contact, in the  Profile  section in the middle of the screen, you can click the Edit button and update basic biographical information. In the tabbed section on the right side of the screen, you can review but not update addresses, activities, custom fields, user fields, and other extended information.
  5. To exclude a staged contact from any further processing, discard the record. Right-click the record and select Delete.  In the confirmation dialog that appears, click Delete.

    If you discard a staged contact record, the action cannot be undone.

  6. When you are satisfied with the remaining imported contacts, submit the data for matching. In the Review Stage Data section in the middle of the screen, click the Submit for Matching button. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click OK.

    In order to optimize performance, it is recommended that the size of each submitted batch be limited to 5,000 records.

    Wait while the matching process runs in the background. When the process completes, a notification alarm dialog appears.

You can now review the ranked contact matches on screen or in a printed report.

Contact matching logic

When you submit contact data for matching, NexJ CRM uses algorithms to determine which contact data is new and which data is duplicated in NexJ CRM and should be consolidated with an existing contact record.

The following table lists the data fields that are used by NexJ CRM to match imported contacts and shows percentages for the quality of the match.

Contact matching data fields and match quality values

Data fieldMatch quality value
First Name20%
Last Name30%
Birth Date30%
Zip field of the primary address15%

Before completing the import process, you will have the opportunity to review the imported contact data, and the match quality value, and to specify how to process staged contacts. For example:

  • If only the gender matches, the match quality is 5%. This is considered a low quality match, so you may choose to create a new contact.
  • If the last name, birth date, and Zip field match, the match quality is 75%. This is considered a high quality match, so you may choose to associate the imported data with the existing NexJ CRM contact.

Reviewing imported contact data
Specifying merge actions