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Specifying merge actions

Staged contacts require an action during a merge. Actions indicate how the staged contact information will be moved into the existing database. You can merge the staged contact with an existing contact in the database, create a new contact in the database, or discard a staged contact.

Specify the merge actions in the Review Match Results tab. To access the tab, in the Import Processes screen, select your import job and click Open. You can use the fields above the Staged Contacts list to filter the contacts by name, status, match quality, match, and action. You can also sort staged contacts by name or match quality by clicking the sort arrows in the column title row.

To specify a merge action for a staged contact:

  1. Select a contact from the Staged Contacts list. The Matches list contains all contacts that the system has identified as possible matches. If there are several matched contacts in the Matches list, select the correct entry. The Match Quality column indicates the match's strength.
  2. For each record, review the Compare Details section. The staged contact's data is on the left, and the matched contact's data is on the right. You can also compare the tabbed data for each record.
  3. If you think that a matching contact was missed, click Select Another Match. Browse for the contact in the Add Contact dialog. Once the contact is added to the Matches list, review it in the Compare Details section.
  4. Choose an appropriate merge action for the staged contact:
    • If the staged contact matches with any of the contacts in the Matches list, select that contact and click Set as Match. Under Choose how to process the staged contact, select Merge with selected match.

      You must select an existing contact record with which to merge the imported data. If a No Contact Selected dialog appears, click Select Contact and browse for the appropriate matched contact.

    • If the staged contact does not match with any of the contacts in the Matches list but you wish to load it into the database, select Create as a new contact under Choose how to process the staged contact.
    • If you no longer want to add the staged contact to your database, or if a better contact record already exists within the database and merging would degrade the matched contact's quality, select Delete staged contact under Choose how to process the staged contact.
  5. In the Staged Contacts list, select the contact's Reviewed checkbox.
    The contact is now ready for processing.