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Generating lead import error reports

If errors occur during a lead import, you are able to generate an error report to find out what the errors were.

The import error report contains detailed information on the import package and any errors encountered. The package information includes:

  • The name of the import job.
  • The stage of the import at which errors were encountered.
  • The total number of leads that had errors.

For each error, the report includes:

  • The name of the file containing the data that prompted the error.
  • The line of the file containing the data that prompted the error.
  • The text of the error generated by the import engine.

The Field column of the report will always be empty because the lead import failures captured in this report occur before the field mapping process takes place.

The lead import error report includes data for up to 2500 records or 200 pages. If the import encounters more than 2500 errors or would run longer than 200 pages, the printed report will be truncated.

To generate a lead import error report:

  1. Navigate to the Leads workspace and click the Options button in the leads panel.
  2. Select View Imports.
    The Import Processes dialog opens.
  3. In the list of import jobs, select the job that you want to generate the report for.
    If the import job has an error report available, the View Error Report button becomes active.
  4. Click View Error Report.

The report is generated. In the dialog that opens, you can specify whether you want to save the report or open it immediately.

After reviewing the report, you can save it to your computer, or print it.