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Importing multiple leads at the same time

You can complete the import for multiple leads at the same time while you are reviewing the lead data.

While you are reviewing and matching the imported lead data, you have the option of completing the import for multiple leads at the same time. You can either complete the import for all of the leads at one time, or you can complete the import for a subset of the list by first filtering it.

To import multiple leads at once:

  1. Navigate to the Leads workspace and click the Options button in the leads panel.
  2. Select View Imports.
    The Import Processes dialog opens and displays all of the recent lead imports and their state.
  3. Locate the import you want to review and complete. The import that you choose should have a status of Waiting on User.
  4. Click the import that you want to work with and click Open.
    A new workspace opens. The list of leads being imported appears on the left of the workspace in the Staged Leads list. Next to each lead is an indicator showing how closely it matches an existing contact or lead, and the import action that will occur when the import of the lead completes.
  5. Filter the leads to display only those leads that you want to import at this time, or leave the entire list unfiltered so that you can import all the leads at once. To filter the list:
    1. Use the search field in the Staged Leads list to filter the list based on the first or last name of the lead.
      • You can format your search as <first_name> <last_name>, or as <last_name>, <first_name>.
      • Entering only one name searches on last name. If you want to search only for a first name, use the search *, <first_name>.

      • Use * as a wildcard character at the start or in the middle of a name. It is not required at the end of a name. That is, searching for park and searching for park* will bring up the same information.

    2. Use the Quality and Action drop-down menus to refine your search based on the match quality or import action.
      • The Quality drop-down menu allows you to filter based on how well the leads match existing leads or contacts already in the system. You can specify whether to show high, medium, or low quality matches.
      • The Action drop-down menu allows you to filter based on the action that will take place when you complete the import of the lead. You can filter for leads that will be associated to an existing lead or contact, leads that will be created without association, or leads that will be discarded rather than imported.
  6. If you want to change the action for any of the leads in the list, individually click them and then modify the import action information in the main area of the workspace.
  7. When you have filtered the list to show only those leads you want to complete the import for, and have reviewed the import actions for those leads, click Process Current List.

The leads that had been visible in the list are queued for import.NexJ CRM will notify you when the import for those leads completes.

If there are any leads remaining after you submit the list for processing, you can continue importing a new segment of the list, or process the remaining leads one at a time. If there are no leads left to import, then the workspace closes.