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Creating import packages

To import contacts into your existing database, you must create an import package. You can also use import packages as part of importing leads, but they are not required for a simple lead import. An import package is a ZIP archive that contains CSV files containing your contact data and mapping files. The mapping file allows NexJ CRM to map your CSV file columns to contact attributes in your database.

 Import packages must be smaller than 10MB. Packages larger than 10MB cannot be imported.

Import packages

Import packages contain the contact or lead data that you want to import into NexJ CRM.

System administrators can create import packages for specific users using NexJ CRM and the NexJ Data Mapping Tool.

An import package is a ZIP archive that contains the following files:

  • One or more CSV files containing the lead or contact data that the user wants to import into NexJ CRM.
  • A destination definition file generated by NexJ CRM, and specific to the user who will be importing the information.
  • One mapping file for each CSV file. Administrators create the mapping files using the NexJ Data Mapping Tool. Each mapping file defines how the data in a given CSV file maps to the fields in NexJ CRM.

Import packages are mandatory if you want to carry out a contact import. They are optional if you are importing leads, as long as the CSV file for your leads follows the default structure described in Preparing lead import CSV files.