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Creating target definition files

Before you can create mapping files that match your data to the target data stored in  NexJ CRM, you need to create a definition file that describes the structure of the Contact data.

Before you can start this task, you must have administrator privileges in  NexJ CRM.

To create a target definition file:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts workspace and click the Options button in the contacts panel.
  2. Select Import Contacts and Generate Definition File.
    The Create Target Definition File dialog appears.
  3. In the Select User field, specify the user for whom you are preparing the target definition file.  By default, your user name is specified in the Select User  field. Because Categories, Custom Fields, and User Fields in NexJ CRM are user-specific, if you are preparing the target definition file for a different user, specify the user's name in the Select User field.

    The specified user must have the Import View and Import Manage privileges.

    1. To specify a different user, click the Select  button .
      The Select User dialog opens.
    2. Select the desired user, then click  OK.
      The Select User dialog closes.
    The selected user's name is displayed in the Select User  field.
  4. Click OK to generate the target definition file.
    The Create Target Definition dialog closes and the file is generated.
  5. The generated file is now downloaded by your web browser. If a download dialog appears, specify that you want to save the file. Note the location to which you save it.

You have created and downloaded a target definition file. You can find the file by navigating to the download location. The file name is formatted as <FirstName> <LastName> NexJ Import Definition.xml.