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Pausing and resuming real-time synchronization

You can use NexJ Admin Console to pause real-time synchronization with Exchange Server.

When you pause real-time synchronization, the messages on the real-time synchronization queue (ExchangeSyncQueue) stop being processed. However, the messages continue to be placed on the queue. When real-time synchronization is resumed, the items that were created or updated while synchronization was paused will be synchronized.

To pause or resume real-time synchronization:

  1. In NexJ Admin Console, navigate to the Synchronization page.
  2. Select a server in the Targets list on the Synchronization tab.
  3. Click Configure in the Global Options field in the server-specific pane in the right side of the screen.
    The Global Exchange Synchronization Options dialog opens.
  4. [Optional] Click the Pause/Resume Real-time Sync tab.
  5. Next to the Real-time Exchange Synchronization field, choose one of the following options.
    • If synchronization is running, click Pause.
    • If synchronization is paused, click Resume.
  6. To close the Global Exchange Synchronization Options dialog, click OK.

Real-time synchronization with Exchange Server is now paused or resumed.