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NexJ CRM application development

This information shows developers how to use NexJ Studio to develop solutions based on a NexJ application model.


You can also read and post questions at the NexJ Developer Community site Opens in new window.

This information shows how to:

  • Install and set up NexJ Studio
  • Define and upgrade a model, which is a full description of a NexJ application
  • Run a load test to measure application server performance
  • Create portlets that can display and collect information in a portal application workspace
  • Administer and manage portal applications
  • Define messages and transformations
  • Use facets to enhance metadata
  • Develop business intelligence (BI) models to optimize data retrieval and reporting functionality
  • Load data and model structures to and from a relational database
  • Generate SQL statements that you use to create database schemas, database tables, and to populate tables with initial data
  • Use JasperReports to query against a BI model
  • Use the Documentation layer in NexJ Studio and apply file naming and writing style conventions
  • Apply naming conventions for elements in the Presentation layer in NexJ Studio

This information also includes sample Scheme scripts for creating local user accounts and resetting local user passwords, and reference material on supported attributes and data types.