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Invoking specific NexJ CRM workspaces

When launching NexJ CRM from another application, you can specify which workspace to display. Optionally, when opening the Contact workspace, you can also specify which contact's information to display. Launch NexJ CRM by using a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that specifies the workspace to open. You can use the URI to launch NexJ CRM from or within another application. You can also use it to, for example, share a link to a particular contact's profile. The URI must be specified in the following format:


Prior to the NexJ CRM release, launching a NexJ CRM workspace from another application by invoking a URI with modified parameters required an application restart to respond to context changes. As of NexJ CRM, and to send context in real time without an application restart, NexJ recommends that you use a hash symbol (#) instead of an ampersand symbol (&) before the first variable parameter in the URI used to access the NexJ application.


Where <workspaceName> is the name of the workspace as specified in NexJ Studio, on the Screens tab in the Presentation layer. The entity identifier can only be specified with the Contact workspace. For example, to invoke the Schedule workspace, specify the following URI:


To invoke the Contact workspace for a specific contact, determine that contact's internal entity identifier. Then specify the URI, for example: