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Adding branch conditions for print documents

Add branch conditions for a print document in a form to control when the document can be printed. When a form has branch conditions for its print document, the document is not available to print until the conditions have been satisfied. A branch condition is satisfied when the answer to a specified question in the form matches a predetermined value. You can add multiple branch conditions for a print document. When you add multiple branch conditions, you specify whether the branch is satisfied when any one of the conditions is satisfied, or when all of the conditions are satisfied.

Ensure that you have deactivated the template. You cannot modify active templates. You must also ensure that you have added pages, questions, and a print document to the form.

To add a branch condition for a print document in a form:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes, Call Management, or Lead Management tab, select the template in which you want to add branch conditions for a print document. If you selected a business process template, select the Form subtab.
  3. In the Flow tab, in the flow area, click Edit. The Edit Document Bundle dialog opens.
  4. Click the Action button beside the print document, then select Edit Condition. The Edit Attachment Condition dialog opens.
  5. Click the Add button . A branch condition entry field appears.
  6. In the Page field, select the page that has the question you want to reference.
  7. In the Question field, select the question that you want to use as a branch condition. The answer to the question will determine whether the document can be printed.
  8. [Optional] Select the Not checkbox to specify that the value in the Question field should not equal the value in the Value field.
  9. In the Condition field, select the rule condition that specifies how the value in the Question field relates to the value in the Value field.
  10. In the Value field, enter or select the value that will be validated against the Question field to determine whether the document can be printed.
  11. If you add another branch condition, a new field appears in the line of the preceding condition. Select one of the following options to specify the relationship between the two conditions:
    • AND
      Indicates that the current condition and its following condition must both return a true result for the branch to evaluate to true.
    • OR
      Indicates that either the current condition or its following condition must return a true result for the branch to evaluate to true.
  12. Click OK. The Edit Attachment Condition dialog closes.
  13. Click OK. The Edit Document Bundle dialog closes.

The branch condition is added for the print document in the form. After the form is completed, the document can now be printed only when the branch condition is satisfied.