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Adding print documents to forms

You can add a Microsoft Word, PDF, or CSV document that contains merge fields to your form. When the form is completed and the document is printed or downloaded, the answers in the form populate the merge fields in the document. A merge field represents a code expression that is used to personalize documents so that you do not need to create a unique version of the document for each recipient. For example, if you want to send a letter to several contacts that includes their addresses, a merge field can populate the addresses from the form.

A document is an object in NexJ CRM that is used to store computer files, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or image files, as attachments. A merge field is an object that references a specific piece of information, such as a contact's first name. It is used in Microsoft Word and NexJ CRM to personalize documents and emails for several contacts at once.

Ensure that you have deactivated the template. You cannot modify active templates. You must also ensure that you have added the documents that you want to attach in the Document Manager workspace.

To add a print document to a form:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes, Call Management, or Lead Management tab, select the template in which you want to add a document. If you selected a business process template, select the Form subtab.
  3. In the Flow tab, in the Print Document field, click the Select button . The Select Document dialog opens.
  4. In the Folder field, click the Select button , and select your document's location, or enter a search string in the Search field. The applicable documents appear.
  5. Select your desired document. The details appear in the Details area, and a preview displays in the Attachments zone.
  6. Click OK. The Select Document dialog closes.

The document is added to the form. A user can print or download the documents from the form after they complete the business process or call script.

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