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Deleting global properties

Delete a global property when you want to remove it from a form.

Ensure that you have deactivated the template. You cannot modify active templates.

To delete a global property:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Business Processes tab, navigate to the Form subtab.
  3. Select the Global Properties subtab. The list of available global properties displays.
  4. You can filter the list of global properties to show all existing global properties or you can search by question type, or for a specific global property description, or a global reference name. To narrow the list of global properties, specify the filter criteria, and click Run.
  5. Click the Delete button for the property that you want to delete. A confirmation dialog opens.
  6. Click Delete.

    This action cannot be undone.

    The confirmation dialog closes and the property is removed from the list.

The global property is deleted.