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Editing pages

Edit a page in a form when you want to make changes to its details or the sections and questions in the page.

Ensure that you have deactivated the template. You cannot modify active templates.

To edit a page:

  1. Navigate to the  Customize  workspace.
  2. In the   Business Processes ,  Call Management , or  Lead Management  tab, select the template in which you want to edit a page. If you selected a business process template, select the  Form  subtab.
  3. In the  Pages  tab, click the  Edit  button for the page that you want to edit. The  Edit Page  dialog opens.
  4. In the  Detail ,  Header , and  Footer  tabs, make your desired changes.
    • To edit a section or question, double-click the item and make your changes in the corresponding tabs and fields.
    • To change the order of sections or questions, select the item that you want to rearrange, then click the corresponding  Up or  Down buttons.
    • To delete a section or question, click the  Delete  button beside the item that you want to delete.
  5. Click  OK  to save your changes to the page. The  Edit Page  dialog closes.

The page is edited.

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