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Managing tile controls

Tile controls are predefined user interface objects.

Tile controls simplify the process of adding and configuring complex control objects in your application by consolidating multiple user interface elements into a basic layout with semantic class names. You can add powerful and standardized control objects to your NexJ application using tile controls.

Tile controls have multiple predefined properties, including:

  • Dimensions
  • Margins
  • Styles
  • Events

Tile controls are repeaters with the optional ability to expand or collapse a detailed view. Tile controls can only be added to forms.

There are multiple types of tile controls in NexJ Studio that address specific business needs. Tile controls increase development velocity and implement a consistent design pattern throughout your application. They have a single point of styling to reduce duplicate, and potentially conflicting, metadata.

Add and assemble tile controls to your NexJ application using the NexJ Studio Presentation layer.

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