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Installing Jaspersoft Studio Professional and the NexJOO adapter

You must install Jaspersoft Studio Professional and the NexJOO data adapter to create JasperReports.

To install Jaspersoft Studio and the NextJOO data adapter:

  1. Install Jaspersoft Studio from your C:\<installer_location>\ directory.
  2. Run the TIBCO Software Jaspersoft Studio installer file.
  3. From the Help menu, select Install New Software, and install the application using the default settings.

  4. Add an available software site named NexJ JasperStudio Updates, using the following URL:

  5. Install the NexJOO adapter and accept the license for the software installation.


    For more information about NexJOO, see Report queries.

  6. Restart Jaspersoft Studio when prompted.
  7. In Jaspersoft Studio, install the jasperserver.license developer license found in the distribution folder.
  8. In the Repository Explorer, click Create Data Adapter.
  9. In the Data Adapters list, select NexJ Model and click Next.
  10. Enter model parameters. The following example shows sample parameters for a Finance model:

    Field NameFinance model parameter
    Model Metadata Folderfile:/C:/work/WS/finance/meta
    NexJ Environmentfile:/C:/work/WS/finance/env/Development.environment
    Environment Propertiesfile:/C:/work/WS/finance/env/
    Publish Folderfile:/C:/work/out/publish/
    App Usernexjsa
  11. Ignore Test, which is always successful, and click Finish.