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JasperReports concepts

This chapter focuses on the tasks and concepts related to the Jaspersoft Studio Professional application and NexJ reporting process.

Important concepts for integrating reports into NexJ applications are as follows:


A Java reporting library that can transform data and write to a number of file formats.

Jaspersoft Studio Professional

A visual editor for the JasperReports engine used to design complex report templates.

Report Query

A query written in NexJ Scheme syntax that retrieves data from the NexJ CRM business model to be added to a report.


Values read by the query used to display data on the report.


Dynamic values passed from NexJ applications to the report at run time.


Additional report objects whose values are calculated based on expressions using parameters, fields, and other variables.

Report Bands

Sections of the report. Default report bands are title, pageHeader, columnHeader, detail, columnFooter, pageFooter, and summary.


A report within an existing report used to display additional information.

Report Command

Class Used to send requested data from the NexJ Model to the report.

External Report

A metadata file that references a JRXML file on the file system. Used by applications other than Jaspersoft Studio.


A Scheme-like syntax used in Jaspersoft Studio to retrieve information from the NexJ CRM business model.

NexJ Studio

A powerful Model Driven Development environment for building, maintaining, and deploying applications using NexJ Framework.

NexJ Solution

Contains one or more NexJ applications, such as NexJ CRM, NexJ Admin Console, and NexJ System Admin Console.

NexJ Application

An application belonging to the NexJ Framework.

NexJ Admin Console

An administrative tool used to control settings and preferences for NexJ applications.