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Deploying Client Insights

NexJ CRM provides the Client Insights functionality which allows users to share articles of interest with contacts.

Client Insights must be integrated with Grapevine6, the AI engine that feeds the articles of interest to Client Insights. For information about adding and configuring the HTTP channel connection for Grapevine6, see Adding new connections for version 8.9.


The Client Insights functionality is not enabled by default. System administrators can enable Client Insights using the Client Insights global application setting in NexJ Admin Console. For more information, see Enabling application features.

Mapping custom fields to interests

In NexJ CRM, you can map custom fields, categories, and other attributes to interests.

Note: A custom field is a user-defined field that stores information not otherwise provided in a contact profile.

To map custom fields to interests:

  1. In NexJ Studio, navigate to the Business Model layer.
  2. In the Classes tab, open the insights:Interest class.
  3. In the Attributes tab, select the MAPPED_CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE_NAMES attribute.
  4. In the Value tab, in the Value field, add the reference names of the custom field types.
  5. Click Save .

The custom fields are mapped to interests.