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This section describes known issues that pertain to NexJ Admin Console and the Customize workspace in NexJ CRM.


Editing details such as the first name of a user that has a large number of related audited objects might result in slow system performance.


Setting a time zone for a process queue will cause inconsistent behavior. It is recommended that the Time Zone field not be used.


Updates to privilege group membership in NexJ Admin Console are not logged in the audit trail. This means that changes to user privileges are not traceable via the audit trail.


When logging into a NexJ application with an account that has no privileges assigned, the browser will remain blank or display the message: An unexpected error occurred. The server log will contain the error message: Error processing the flat page request (reference id SOME_ID_NUMBER) java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0.

Assign privileges to the user for proper access to the application or disable the account so that the user is unable to log in.


Some browser issues are causing superficial errors that may temporarily put your application in a locked state. If you encounter a locking error on the administration screen, record the message and close your browser. Then log in again in a fresh session.


When you assign user login IDs, you cannot reuse an ID that was previously created and the deactivated. You must create unique, never-before-used IDs.


When using the hierarchical access model to control security, a user carrying out a search using the @ operator on the Contacts workspace may receive results that include companies normally not visible to that user.


When adding library form nodes to business process flows in the Business Processes or Call Management tabs on the Customize workspace, you must select a library form before you can add a data transfer rule in the Add Form Node dialog.


The "quick pick" display order for custom fields may not always match that what had been specified when it was created.


If you add an image to a question on a form page, in either the Business Processes tab or the Form Library tab on the Customize workspace, the image is displayed on the page in its original size. If the size is too large for the page, the image may not display appropriately.

Resize any images you want to include in a form question to not exceed the 600 x 600 px window.


On the Customize workspace, in the Activity Plans tab, in the Statuses subtab, if you attempt to remove the default status from the Status list and if you attempt to add it back in, you will receive unexpected errors.


You cannot create an activity plan using the Activity Plans tab on the Customize workspace if the name of the activity plan contains only special characters.


If an object, such as a company, is locked by a running business process, then you will not be able to submit flows that update the object, such as changing the company name. The error that is displayed might not clearly indicate which object is locked.


Localizing business process templates is not working as expected on the Customize workspace. After you have imported new translated strings and activated the business process, the business process does not reflect the changes you have made for localization.


When you are creating or editing a send notification action for a Contact rule on the Customize workspace, and you include an invalid token in the Email Body field for an email channel, you do not receive the expected invalid token error message when you click on the Recipients tab in the Add Send Notification Action dialog.


When you add an update field action for a Contact rule on the Customize workspace, the Birthday option is erroneously available for selection in the Set value of field.


When you create an activity plan for a selected Contact rule on the Customize workspace, and you select Current User invoking Action and Contact from the Target Object in the Add Create Activity Plan Action dialog, the OK button is disabled.


When you select a Task rule on the Customize workspace, add an Update Field action with the Start Date field set to any date in the future, and trigger the rule, the start date doesn't work as expected for the task for which the rule was triggered.


When you edit and delete lists on the Customize workspace, the changes are not immediately reflected on the Contacts workspace.


Changes to a user's Alias on the User page in NexJ Admin Console are not saved.


After you add an activity plan action to a rule on the Customize workspace, with the Client Coverage and Advisor values selected in the Coverage Role fields, these values are not retained in the Edit Create Activity Plan Action dialog.


The permission required to view and edit custom fields and client coverage is not respected on the Customize workspace when the permission is applied to a user group level.


Any user with approver privileges and read access to a work queue can approve business process steps assigned to the work queue even when the user does not have assigned access to the work queue.


If you create a task assignment rule on the Customize workspace, and add a notification action that is triggered when the Assign To field value has changed or contains nexjsa, and you create a new task as nexjsa and assign it to a different user, this user erroneously receives a task assignment notification.


Time-based notifications are being executed early for tasks with rules based on end dates.