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This section describes known issues that pertain to the NexJ CRM desktop application.


The relationship hierarchy sometimes disappears from view when child entities are added to a company's hierarchy. Such entities might be a department or another company.

Refresh the page in the web browser to restore the relationship hierarchy.


When copying a business process template containing an invalid formula, an unexpected error occurs.


In the Add Parent Opportunity dialog or Add Product Opportunity dialog, the OK button is sometimes enabled even when not all required fields have been completed. If you click OK, you will receive an error message specifying which required fields still need to be completed.


When using Internet Explorer, launching the NexJ CRM Help might not bring the help window to the foreground if it is already open in the background.

Close the NexJ CRM Help window and retry opening the help document.


Deleted private report templates might still appear in the toolbar, even if they no longer appear in the report manager template list.


User login case-insensitivity may change depending on your application server and database stack.


When a user customizes the contact types for a category, the changes are not saved when the user clicks the OK button.


If you try to apply group security to a newly created Document Manager folder, the group selection dialog for the view security options may not display all of the user groups that you are a part of.


When you edit a schedule item that has multiple follow-ups, deleting one of the follow-ups and then closing the Edit Properties window will cause the deletion to complete as if you had clicked OK.


If you email a schedule item that has attachments associated with it, but the associated schedule item template has its own attachments specified, then only the attachments from the template are included in the email.


When looking at an activity plan instance in the Steps tab, marking an assigned step as completed and then immediately assigning the next step will cause that step to appear in both the assigned steps and the future steps. This is not the intended behavior. The step should only appear in the assigned steps.


When changing the end time of a recurring schedule item, exceptions may not be removed.


Scheduled items created for the day that clocks are set forward or backward for Daylight Saving Time will have a prefilled start time that is offset by one hour from the time normally expected.

Set the start and end time of the scheduled item to the correct hour before saving.


Users might experience slow performance when adding a contact with communication or address information if several default communication and address types have been pre-configured to display in the Add Contact window.


Keyboard navigation of nested action-menu (right-click-menu) items does not work when using the Firefox or Chrome browsers.

If you need to make use of arrow keys to navigate action menus, use Internet Explorer.


When you associate a document with a business process form, the following behavior occurs:

    • If you modify the form, the original form is preserved and can be recovered later.
    • If you modify the document associated with the form, the original document is not preserved.


When the Hierarchical Access Model is turned on, delegating a task with no users in For field hides it from its creator's view


Merge fields cannot be used in email attachments that are sent as part of a business process entry or exit step. If a business process does send an email as part of one of its entry or exit steps, and that email contains a document with merge fields, the email will contain an un-merged version of the document.


When you delete a company from the Contacts workspace hierarchy view, the view may go blank.

Select another company to display the hierarchy view again.


When you sort custom fields by priority, the priority is determined by the order in which the custom fields were originally defined. There is no way to update this ordering.


When using NexJ CRM on an Apple operating system, an inconsistent mix of fonts may display in the UI.


If you change the start date of a recurring task that has a future start date, a new non-recurring task is created with that start date. Additionally, the recurrence start date for the original task is adjusted incorrectly.


If a rule has been configured for schedule items, then you may encounter an unexpected error when attempting to edit an instance of a recurring schedule item to add location information.


If you have a dialog open and click the browser back button, the application may not display as expected. This occurs only if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.


If an alert displays while you are entering notes or other information in a Business Process form, the information you were entering in the form may be lost.


After creating a contact on using the Add action in the application toolbar, the newly created profile may not always display as expected. This only occurs if the workspace that the contact was created from is not the Contacts workspace.


When you use the Actions button on top of the contacts list on the Contacts workspace to create a task or document for one or more contacts and then add a related follow-up activity, the follow-up activity might not be successfully created for the contacts.


When you select multiple contacts on the Contacts workspace, add them to a call list, and navigate to the Call Lists (Capital Markets) workspace, the options menu disappears from the banner on the Call Lists (Capital Markets) workspace when the application is refreshed.


When you switch filters on the Opportunities, Events, and Securities workspaces, auto-select does not work as expected and older selections persist in the interface.


If you create a user-defined filter that uses a specific entity value as a search criteria, and then later delete that specified entity, an error occurs when accessing the original filter. For example, if you create a filter that searches specifically for Company = My Company, and later delete My Company, you may receive errors when opening the filter.

If you do not update the filter before the referenced entity is deleted, you can still delete the recreate the filter.


When your administrator has enabled the Enable Recipient Screen When Notification Rule Satisfied user option for the system, and you add one appointment on the Schedule workspace, two schedule items are created.


When you have selected multiple contacts on the Contacts workspace, and you are adding a task or document, the Follow-Ups tab is available in the New Task or New Document dialog even though it is not supported for batch operations.


If you create a schedule item for multiple entities and then delete any of those entities, the deleted entities show up as Not visible in the For field of the Edit dialog even though they are no longer in the system and should not be listed in the For field after deletion.


When your administrator has enabled time zones, Capital Market sample data, and Tags in NexJ Admin Console, and you add a schedule item on the Schedule workspace, assign the item to a team, and assign team members, the OK and Cancel buttons do not display correctly in the Add Schedule Item dialog.


An issue occurs when you launch NexJ CRM using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, navigate to the Contacts workspace, open the Journal tab for a contact, and you toggle between the Calendar tab and any other tab in the same group (for example, between the Calendar tab and the Conversations tab). Each time the Calendar tab is reloaded the format of the calendar appears with abbreviated numerical dates and then is auto-adjusted to display the day and name of the month.


Notifications from service level agreements are not working as expected.


The last list item in a nested list does not display properly in the Batch Email rich text editor when eight or more nested list levels are added to the list hierarchy.


When you add an activity, select the drop-down to override an existing template, and you select No in the confirmation message to not override the details using the new template's default values, your selection is not respected and additional information beyond the title of the template is overridden.


If you have the Contacts workspace open in Google Chrome, and you paste text and images from any source into the Rich Text editor of the Batch Email dialog, another dialog box opens indicating you are required to paste it again.


When you create a batch email in the rich text editor using the Block style or the Normal (DIV) paragraph format for text, and send the email, the line breaks are not retained as expected in the email.


When an advanced filter is applied on the contact list, clicking X in the quick find field does not clear the filter.

Click the Show filter button  to open the advanced filters and then click Clear to clear the filter.


In the Notifications sidebar, when you click on the Options button for a selected notification to open the notifications drop-down menu, and you click on somewhere else on the user interface, the notification drop-down menu does not disappear as expected.

To remove the drop-down menu, click on the blank spaces in the Notifications sidebar or select an option (for example, Clear or Turn Off).


The confirmation message that displays when you switch activity templates, and asks you if you want to override the details using the new template's default values, needs to be improved.


If you switch to the French locale and open the Options > Affichage drop-down menu, the √Čv√©nements option appears at the end of the selection list instead of in alphabetical order. This is inconsistent with the English locale.


When you create a category that can only be applied to companies on the Customize workspace, the category shows up in the advanced search for contacts as well.


In some cases, the Add button , the View All Notifications button , and the View Conversations button may intermittently disappear from the NexJ CRM navigation toolbar.


Custom fields that require an object are missing from the Custom Field drop-down in the Name and Profile section of the advanced filter on the Contacts workspace.


When a contact's rep code is updated, it results in unnecessary activities in the My Contact's Recent Activities portlet on the Home workspace.


In the Custom Fields tab of the Customize workspace, the action menu or right click mouse button cannot be used to delete associated Contact Types for a selected Custom Field.


In the Edit Activity Plan Steps dialog, the scrollable list of steps should span the entire dialog as opposed to half of the dialog.


If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 in native mode, opening a dialog in a contact's Detail tab resets the current scroll position.


If you edit an email in the Journal tab, and add many contacts and users, the Edit Email dialog extends and hides the buttons.

Drag the bottom of the dialog to display the buttons.


If you add new events on the Events workspace, only events with legs appear in the Event List report.


If you are using two monitors and you launch NexJ CRM on your secondary monitor using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, open the rich text editor and type in a misspelled word, and right-click on the misspelled word, the right-click menu displays on your primary monitor.


When you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you are copying a PNG image from File Explorer using your right-click menu, and pasting it into the rich text editor, the paste option is disabled in the right-click menu.


When you create a schedule item with the Reminders dialog in the background, open another tab on your browser, and reopen the Reminders dialog, double-clicking on any of the buttons will result in an exception.

This exception does not always occur and only applies when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


When you have created a batch email by entering text in the rich text editor using the Formatted paragraph format, and sent or saved the email, the formatted text does not wrap as expected.


If you include an email signature and a right aligned table with a width less than 100% in a batch email, the email signature and the table overlap in the rich text editor preview.


If you send a batch email with a very long subject title, the titles do not truncate correctly and when you select Completed Batch Processes on the Contacts workspace, and you select an email, the drop-down icon does not appear in the filter in the user interface.


If you enter an invalid Start date in the Add/Edit Schedule Item dialog that results in a validation error, the invalid date error persists even after the application automatically changes the invalid date to a valid date.

Manually enter a valid date to resolve the validation error.


Users without editing privileges are able to merge contacts who have edit security set to private on the Contacts workspace.


When you have created a custom field with an active notification rule, and you try to delete it from a contact's profile, an unexpected error displays.


If you use the French locale, some tab names on the Events and Customize workspace do not display correctly.


If you add an event on the Events workspace using the French locale, then enter a special character in the Pays d'origine field, the list of countries does not display. The list of countries only displays if you use the IBM HTTP Server.


If you add a contact rule with the update field set to Preferred Communication, the preferred communication does not display in the Communications tab on the Contacts workspace.


If you open NexJ CRM in Apple Safari on a MacBook and click the View Conversations or View All Notifications button in the navigation toolbar, the Conversations and Notifications sidebars do not load properly.


If you modify a previously created meeting and resend the meeting invitations, the Response field in the Attendees tab does not reset to None.


When you are using Google Chrome as your browser, and you right-click on the body of an email, the right-click menu is not invoked for emails saved from Microsoft Outlook.


When you send a batch email using the French locale, the Send Email text in the Rappels (Reminder) dialog is not localized.


When using Google Chrome, if you change the text color in the body section of the Batch Email dialog, the color of the text cursor changes to match the color of the text.


In the rich text editor, if you highlight text and drag it to the right edge of the dialog, the text is deleted.


When you are creating a schedule item for more than 100 users, the number of users is capped at +99 users in the Assign To field.


When using Internet Explorer 11, if you continuously paste formatted paragraphs from Microsoft Word into a rich text editor, the paragraphs do not retain their formatting.


On the Events workspace, if you send an email confirmation to contacts for an event meeting in a leg, the email received in a contact's journal on the Contacts workspace contain HTML tags.


When you are pasting an image into the rich text editor using the Paste as plain text button, the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut does not work as expected when you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


If you set the Recurrence Pattern for a task to start the subsequent task on the due date of the original task, the start date of the original task should be unaffected since you set the recurrence pattern after you set the start date for the task. Instead, the initially specified start and due dates are altered causing the first instance of the recurring series to be ignored and the task to start with the second instance of the recurrence.


When you add a new contact and create a new household, and then you delete the same contact in the relationship hierarchy on the Contacts workspace, the relationship hierarchy does not always switch context correctly when the contact is deleted.


On the Contacts workspace, an error is generated for a selected contact who you have previously printed a document with an attachment for, and after you have replaced the attachment for the document in the Document Manager.


When you add recurrence to an existing schedule item, the change sometimes takes longer than expected to be saved.

Instead of editing the schedule item, delete the schedule item and create a new one with the desired recurrence.


When you create a meeting on the Schedule workspace, confirm the meeting, send email notifications, reopen the meeting item, and click OK, instead of the Edit Meeting dialog closing, you are asked whether you want to resend the email notifications even though you haven't made any changes.


If the Hierarchical Access Model (HAM) is enabled, and you create data for 300,000 entities, add a rep code in NexJ Admin Console, log in as a user to NexJ CRM, and select the rep code for a contact on the Contacts workspace, the query can time out.


When you copy tables from Microsoft Word into the body of emails that are sent to contacts, these tables do not format properly when you run Detail Reports for these contacts.


When you delete a product for a parent opportunity in the Detail tab on the Opportunities workspace, the deletion does not display in the audit trail for parent opportunities.


When a user is removed from a team in NexJ Admin Console, the Team Schedules tab on the Schedule workspace is not updated correctly.


When using Google Chrome, if you send an email to a contact from the Contacts workspace, navigate to the Activities subtab in the Journal tab, double-click on the email, and click the From or To email link, a new untitled blank web page is opened with "mailto:emailAddress" displayed in the address bar, where emailAddress is a variable.


Some users may experience an error when attempting to add a new contact as part of creating a relationship custom field in the contact Profile tab.


When you maximize a rich text editor, for example, the Body field in the Batch Email dialog, and enter text, the text does not display as you type it, and it gets typed in the wrong field.

To ensure that the text goes to the correct field, click in the text area of the maximized window before entering the text.


When you print a document in NexJ CRM, an issue causes merge fields with multi-line values to ignore text formatting.


When you export leads from the Leads workspace to a CSV file, private records that you do not have access to display in the CSV file.


When you search for one record on the Customize, Securities, Opportunities workspaces, and in the Journal tab and Portfolio tab on the Contacts workspace, and you delete the record from the results list and clear the search, the first record in the results list is not automatically selected as expected.


If you use the keyboard arrows to change the subject area when creating an advanced filter expression and then execute the filter, an orphaned confirmation prompt without functional value is displayed.


The relationship hierarchy on the Contacts workspace does not enable you to delete custom fields.


In Google Chrome, if you scroll down to a notification in the Notifications sidebar, and make a change to the notification, the sidebar scrolls up and down momentarily.


Deleted predefined filters continue to be visible in the Set Filter drop-down menu on the Contacts workspace. Refreshing the page does not resolve the issue.

Select a different entity type in the Set Filter drop-down menu.


If a business process involves sending email notifications and one or more users listed as recipients for the notifications do not have an email address specified, an error displays when you run the business process.

Ensure that users listed as recipients of notifications for business processes have a valid email address. You can view and add email addresses in the Communications tab for a user in NexJ CRM.


When you change the view to a month on the Schedule workspace, and select the Schedule Month Report, the end date in the Report Parameters dialog does not default to the expected date.

Change the end date to the required date.


When you change the view to a month on the Schedule workspace, and select the Schedule Week Report, the start and end dates in the Report Parameters dialog do not default to the expected week.

Change the dates to the required dates.


A performance issue occurs when you are adding a related campaign in the edit dialog of a schedule item.


When using French locale, the required date format is incorrect. This format specifier is merely a reference. It is acceptable to enter 4 characters for months that have the same prefix (e.g., juin or juil).


If NexJ CRM has a large number of custom field types, and you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, when you add a custom field on the Contacts workspace using the Select Custom Fields dialog, the browser becomes unresponsive.


On the Contacts workspace, if you send a batch email with a PDF attachment, emails are not delivered successfully. You can view error details for the batch process in the Batch Processes dialog under the Options menu.


When there is an extended delay in responding to an alarm dialog, performing a subsequent action on the alarm dialog may result in an error message stating that the application and server are out of sync due to a network communication error.


The Select List dialog for saved lists on the Contacts workspace does not display all of the saved lists that are available. It only displays the first 300 saved lists and does not provide an option to display more lists.


When you refresh a Reminder dialog by sorting or editing the current reminders, an additional reminder that is due in the future is displayed in the Reminder dialog.


When you are adding an address for a contact, the State drop-down field in the New Address dialog uses abbreviated captions for state names. The State drop-down field for advanced searching uses full captions. This means that you cannot search for contacts by state using abbreviated captions. 


When the Email Recipients global application setting is enabled in NexJ Admin Console, you are sending a batch email to contacts, you have opened the Recipients tab in the Batch Email dialog, and are adding individual recipients, the list of contacts displays as empty in the Recipient Picker dialog.

In the Recipient Picker dialog, select Companies in the drop-down field and then select Contacts to refresh and display the list of contacts.


If you have inactive contacts in your entity list and you create a user-defined filter on the Contacts workspace where the Active field equals Inactive, and you run the filter, the filter does not return the correct results.


When deploying NexJ Server to a machine secured using SSH keys, the deployment fails if the SSH key file is secured by a passphrase. Only keys without a passphrase are currently supported.


The batch update for custom fields and categories is not filtered by the entity types that are set in NexJ Admin Console.


When you add an attachment to an activity in the Journal tab for a contact, and filter the journal activities list by typing the attachment name (using the format file:filename) in the Description filter field, and clicking Find, the activity list returns empty.


The NexJ CRM application may appear unresponsive if a dialog is closed while a request is being processed on that dialog. The application will return to its correct state after the request has finished processing.


When sending batch emails with attachments to contacts, the required confirmation messages do not display when the batch email is completed.


When you delete all occurrences of a recurrent schedule item, you will experience a performance delay.


In the Notifications sidebar, when you click on the Options button for a selected notification to open the notifications drop-down menu, and you click on somewhere else on the user interface, the notification drop-down menu does not disappear as expected.

To remove the drop-down menu, click on the blank spaces in the Notifications sidebar or select an option (for example, Clear or Turn Off).


Occasionally, search suggestions do not appear with the type-ahead functionality for a drop-down field.


When the Email-to-service-request service creates service request IDs, instead of creating IDs with consecutive numbers, the service erroneously increments the IDs by 64 each time a new ID is created.


When you have created and started a business process for a service request, the Locked by Business Process badge and buttons are misaligned in the banner for the service request.


When adding coverage users for a contact in the Detail tab on the Contacts workspace, you can set the start date for coverage to be after the end date.


If you apply relationship custom fields to a household and then view the household tree on the Contacts workspace with the Contacts filter applied, the household tree does not show the relationship custom fields.

Collapse and then expand the household tree.


Instead of being disabled, the Mark as Complete option for schedule items is available to users who only have read access.


When the Enable Entity Merge to be run on a batch process user option is enabled in NexJ Admin Console for the system, and you attempt to merge company records by selecting the Merge into option on the Contacts workspace, the resulting batch process fails.


When the Enable Service Requests user option is disabled for the System user in NexJ Admin Console and you choose to batch print for contacts or batch email contacts, the Service Request activity option erroneously displays for selection in the Follow Ups tab in the Batch Print or Batch Email dialog.


When a conditionally visible group of tabs is added to a workspace, a refresh may be required to display data in one or more tabs.


When you are adding coverage to a contact on the Contacts workspace, user-configured default values are not automatically filled in.


Inconsistent formatting is used to display contact names in the Journal subtabs.


User-defined filters on currency fields display the user's preferred currency symbol, but this symbol is not taken into account in the search itself.


When leads with accented characters in the name are imported using an Import Data process the accented characters are replaced with unknown characters.

Create leads with accented characters through the user interface.


Meeting invitations that are emailed to a Gmail account by a delegate user are received as ICS file attachments, which means they must be downloaded in order to see the meeting invitations.


Premature and unnecessary dispatch calls can occur due to the erroneous consideration of messages from saturated queues when determining the next deliverable message.


When you initiate and cancel call logs sequentially for leads in a call list, the Call Lists workspace goes blank at some point in the sequence. Data on the workspace reappears when you select a different call list and then switch back to the original list.


If you switch to the French locale for NexJ CRM in Google Chrome, and open the Modifier le filtre dialog or the Nouveau filtre dialog, the Enregister sous button text displays in two lines instead of one line.


When you run a Briefing Book Report on the Schedule workspace with the Show Interactions checkbox selected, and the related contacts have several activities associated with them, you will receive a time out error and the report will not be generated because it is too large.

Deselect the Show interactions checkbox.
If you do not want to generate the interactions report, a time window is selected. By default, the time window is not mandatory and the system generates a report of ALL of interactions for the contact, which triggers the timeout.


Users can set the stage for a service request to closed with the status still being open. This means that the status badge for the service request remains open.


When you hover over the Related Leads badge in the banner for a selected lead on the Leads workspace, it does not enable you to view all of the related leads.


Some PDF files may take two or three minutes to attach to emails sent through NexJ CRM.


The placement of the asterisk for the required Action and Type fields is inconsistent in the Update a Custom Field dialog on the Contacts workspace.


When you are printing a document for multiple contacts on the Contacts workspace, and you are using Mozilla Firefox, the rich text editor does not display as expected in the Select from Document Manager dialog.


If you access the Manage Call Lists dialog on the Call Lists (Capital Markets) workspace using the Mozilla Firefox browser, the list of existing call lists does not fully display in the available space.