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Reporting and analytics

This section describes known issues that pertain to legacy ad hoc report and predefined report functionality in NexJ CRM.


Known issues related to reporting functionality that uses the NexJ Reporting Engine are documented in the NexJ Reporting Engine release notes document.

Predefined reporting


When a report containing more than 30,000 records is exported to Microsoft Excel, an unexpected error message displays.


The Schedule Day report might not include the notes associated with a schedule item. If you need to print the notes associated with your schedule items, use the Schedule Week report or the Schedule Month report.


Home phone numbers do not display in generated Contact List Reports for households.


The reports in the My Opportunities tab on the Home workspace are tied to the BI database. If the BI database is removed, the reports will not run and an error will be thrown. All implementations using these optional reports must also use the BI data source in 8.x.

Legacy ad hoc reporting

These issues apply only if your system uses the legacy ad hoc report functionality based on iReport Designer, previous to the introduction of the ad hoc reporting functionality based on Jaspersoft Studio.


Specifying some fields as a category for Events, Leads, Opportunity or Product Type subject areas can cause an unexpected error.


If you filter an ad hoc report to show only those results in which a custom field is undefined, you will receive not only those entries for which the custom field is present and has a null value, but also all entries that are unassociated with the specified custom field, so long as they have at least one custom field defined.


When you run a legacy ad hoc Contact - Detail Report on the Ad Hoc Reports - Old workspace, the custom field company data does not match the data stored in the Profile tab for companies.