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New features delivered in 8.3.0

The following features and enhancements were included as part of 8.3.0.

Notification enhancements

NexJ CRM provides notifications that alert you to changes that are relevant to you.

Opening records from email notifications

Some email notifications you receive may contain links to records in NexJ CRM. After you open he email notification, you can click the link to open the record. For example, if you receive an email notification related to a new schedule item, you can click a link in the email to open the schedule item in NexJ CRM.

To enable this functionality, a business adminstrator must configure the notifications appropriately in the Rules tab on the Customize workspace.

Application development enhancements

The following enhancements will help increase the development speed and quality of your solutions.

Support for custom security with Hierarchical Access Model

Additional flexibility has been introduced to the NexJ CRM model, which will allow clients to customize Hierarchical Access Model security for opportunities and activities.

Reduced load time

This release contains performance improvements associated with some dialogs invoked from the Journal, Calendar, and Schedule workspaces.