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New features delivered in 8.9.1

The following features and enhancements were included as part of

CPM Enhancements

Grouped checkboxes in CPM forms 

CPM forms now provide better selection control through grouped checkboxes, which enable users to select from sets of related options. For example, to collect information about the investment experience of a client, you can create a grouped checkboxes question with options such as real estate, bonds, and precious metals. You can use business rules to link specific checkboxes in a group to other checkboxes or fields in the form. You can also specify the minimum and maximum number of checkboxes users must select in a group.

Single-click launch of object pickers 

Fields in a CPM form can now be configured to automatically open the object picker when a user clicks in the field. Previously, users had to either double-click in a field or click the Add button to launch the associated picker.

To enable this behavior for a field, set its singleClickPicker property to true, using the following syntax:

     (: singleClickPicker #t)

Fields that do not have this property set are assumed to be typeahead fields.

Ability to add multiple attachments to a form

CPM forms now provide a (bp:attachments) control, which allows users to attach multiple files to a form, rather than limiting them to a single file.