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Documentation contents updates

The following changes have been made to documentation deliverables.

Version 8.9 - Class aspects documentation

Content about class aspects is available at Managing model behavior using aspects and augments.

Version 8.8 - FAQs for storing contact data

FAQs were added to provide guidance on when to store contact data in custom fields, user fields, and categories, and on when to use campaigns and opportunities.

The FAQs are found in Managing your contacts and Managing campaigns.

Version 8.8 - Interpreting key JMX and object queue statistics and troubleshooting the NexJ application

Content was added that describes how to interpret key JMX and object queue statistics. Key JMX statistics shows how to monitor JVM resource usage, load balancing on nodes and distribution of user sessions, the health of database and data source connections, and send and receive times for channel connections. Key object queue statistics shows how to monitor object queue statistics and review error and runtime queues.

Content was also added that shows how to troubleshoot common issues with your NexJ application, such as unexpected or resubmit errors in NexJ CRM, or issues with high application server CPU or memory utilization.

The content is found in the Interpreting key JMX statistics and Interpreting object queue statistics from the Statistics page sections and in the Troubleshooting NexJ applications sections in the NexJ CRM Administrator Guide.

Version 8.7 - FAQs for events

FAQs are now provided for events. See FAQs for events.

Version 8.6 NexJ Add-In documentation no longer included with NexJ CRM documentation

The version of NexJ Add-In that is being used in your company may not be the same version that is shipped with the current release of NexJ CRM. To make it easy to ensure that you use the correct version of NexJ Add-In documentation, NexJ Add-In documentation is no longer included with the NexJ CRM release. For more information about the NexJ Add-In, see Using Microsoft Add-In extensions and the NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office Release Notes delivered with the version of the NexJ Add-In that is installed at your company.