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Adding system defined queries

Add new system defined queries as needed.

To add a new system defined query:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Filters page.
  2. In the Predefined Filters tab, click the Add button The Add Predefined Filter dialog opens.
  3. In the Filter Name field, enter a name that will be the query's identifier when setting the subject area of the contact list in NexJ CRM. This is a mandatory field.
  4. In the Description field, enter a meaningful description of the system defined query.
  5. In the Display Order field, enter a number that represents the list order in which the new system defined query will appear when setting the subject area of the contact list in NexJ CRM. 

    A lower number means that the query appears higher in the list.

  6. In the Filter Value field, enter an expression of condition(s) for the query to meet.
  7. In the Subject Areas field, select an entity type to provide context for the new system defined query.  This field is set to Contacts by default.
  8. Add privilege groups to make the query accessible in NexJ CRM.
  9. Click OKThe Add Predefined Filter dialog closes.

The new system defined query is added, and is visible to the appropriate privilege groups in NexJ CRM.

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