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Adding activity templates

Add activity templates to create new types of tasks, schedule items, and call records for NexJ CRM.

An itinerary item is a scheduled time slot that represents activities that support an event, other than event meetings, for example, travel arrangements for flight and hotel reservations.

To add an activity template:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.
  2. In the Activity Templates tab, click the Add button , and select a type of activity for the template: Schedule ItemTaskCall RecordEvent MeetingItinerary Item, and Event Meeting Feedback. The Add Template dialog opens.
  3. Complete the fields on the DetailsAttachmentsStatuses, and Outcomes tabs, as desired.

    A red asterisk indicates required fields.

    If you are adding an activity template for an event itinerary item, you can select a service provider category. If a service provider category is selected, then, when a user adds that itinerary item to an event, the list of service providers they see will be limited to only service providers in that category. You can create additional service provider categories on the Categories tab of the Entity Codes page.

  4. Click OK.

A new activity template appears in the list on the left of the Activity Template tab on the Document Codes page. If Active is selected, the activity is now available in NexJ CRM.

Activity template fields