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Configuring event templates

Event templates enable users to create events in NexJ CRM. You define template properties such as the event name and icon that displays in NexJ CRM, and the initial status for events created from the template.

An event is a multi-day, multi-location showcase of a company or research analyst to potential investors.

When users create an event in NexJ CRM, they must create the event from one the available templates. You can create event templates for the following event types:

  • Analyst
  • Company
  • Deal
  • Multi-Company
  • Other

Adding event templates

Add an event template for an event type and make the template available for users in the Event workspace in NexJ CRM.

When you add a template, you define the template name and icon that displays in the Add menu in the Event List tab in Events workspace. You can also add template descriptions and notes for other administrators, and define whether all users or specific user groups can create events from the template.

To add an event template:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.
  2. In the Events Templates tab, click the Add button , and select an event type from the list. For example, select the Deal event type. The Add Template dialog opens.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the event template.

    This is the string that users see when they choose an event to create in the Events workspace.

  4. In the Template Description field, provide a description of the template for other administrators.
  5. Specify the icon that displays beside the template name in the Events workspace:
    1. In the Icon field, click the Select button The Select Icon dialog opens
    2. Select an icon and click OKThe Select Icon dialog closes and the icon displays in the Icon field.
  6. In the Template Color field, select the color of the bar to display beside the event name in the event calendar.
  7. In the Default Status field, select the default value of the Status field for events created from the template.
  8. In the Default Notes field, provide notes about the Default Status field for other administrators.
  9. In the Reference Name field, enter a name for the system to identify the object.

    It is recommended that you enter the same value in both the Name and Reference Name fields.

  10. Ensure that the Active field is selected to make the event template available in NexJ CRM.
  11. In the Create Security field, select one of the following options to specify which users can create events from the template:
    • Public
      Allow all users to create events from the template.
    • Group
      Allow only users from the specified group to create events from the template.
  12. Click OKThe Add Template dialog closes.

The event template is available to users in the Events workspace.

Deleting event templates

Delete event templates that you no longer require. 

This action cannot be undone.

You cannot delete an event template if an event has been created from the template in NexJ CRM.

To delete an event template:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page, then select the Event Templates tab.
  2. In the event template list, click the Action button  for the template to delete, then select DeleteA confirmation dialog opens.Navigate to the Document Codes page, then select the Event Templates tab.

  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete. The confirmation dialog closes.

  4. Click the Delete button .

The event template is removed from the system.

Modifying event templates

Edit event templates to add or update information about the template, such as its name or icon, or to make the template active or inactive.

To modify an event template:

  1. Navigate to the Document Codes page.
  2. In the Event Templates tab, select a template to modify its properties. Template properties display in the Details tab.
  3. Click the Edit button  in the Details tab. The Edit Template dialog opens.
  4. To change the template's name, description, or notes, change the text in the corresponding fields.
  5. To make this template available or unavailable to users in NexJ CRM, select or clear the Active checkbox .
  6. Click OKThe Edit Template dialog closes.

The updated information saves for the event template.