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Configuring service level agreement settings

A service level agreement is a contract that defines the expected first response time and resolution time for a service request, which may vary based on factors such as client tier and service request priority.

The service level agreement functionality can be enabled or disabled only during NexJ application deployment. In NexJ Admin Console, you can:

  • View whether the service level agreement functionality is enabled or disabled
  • Specify work schedules for your support team
  • Configure rules that set the First Response By and Resolution By service level agreement metrics for service requests
  • Grant users the privilege to override service level agreements (ServiceRequestSLAOverride)
  • Enable notifications related to service level agreements to assigned users of service requests

After you have set up service level agreements, service level agreement metrics are displayed in the Service Requests workspace and on individual service requests.

Defining work schedules

Holidays are specified in DD/MM/YYYY format and are, therefore, specific to a year. At the beginning of each year, ensure that all the holidays for that year are entered.

To create a work schedule:

  1. Navigate to the Work Schedules page.
  2. Above the work schedules list, click the  Add  button The Add Work Schedule dialog opens.
  3. In the  Name  field, enter a name for the business hours definition.
  4. In the  Description  field, enter a description of the business hours definition.
  5. Click  OK The Add Work Schedule dialog closes and a new work schedule displays in the work schedules list.
  6. In the work schedules list, select the new work schedule, and in the Details zone, click the  Edit  button The Edit Work Schedule dialog opens.
  7. In the  Time Zone  drop-down, select the time zone of your support agents.

    The default time zone is the organizational time zone specified during your NexJ application deployment, which you can view on the Global Application Settings page.

  8. Do one of the following:

    • If your support agents do not have specific business days and hours, select  Work 24 hours. 7 days a week and ignore holidays .
    • If your support agents have specific business days and hours, select or clear the checkbox for each day of the week, and specify the start time and end time for each selected day.

    The default business hours for a work schedule are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m to 6 p.m.

  9. Under  Holidays, click the  Add  button  to specify the names and dates of all holidays in the year.
  10. Click  OK  to save your changes.

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Rule sets for service level agreements

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