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Enabling Capital Markets functionality

Capital Markets functionality includes holdings, securities, and transactions. To enable Capital Markets functionality in NexJ CRM, you must enable the appropriate user options and privileges.

To enable Capital Markets functionality, you must enable the Enable Capital Markets Model user option and disable the Enable Financial Models user option. Enabling Capital Markets functionality allows users to access the following functionality in NexJ CRM on the Contacts workspace:

  • Viewing holdings, revenue summaries, and transactions for an institution.
  • Viewing holdings for a fund.
  • Viewing research subscriptions for a company, contact, fund, or institution.
  • Viewing securities issued by a company.
  • Viewing stock interests for a company, contact, or institution.
  • Applying coverage for a company.
  • Flagging activities with tickers, sectors, and industries.

company is an entity that represents a real-world company. If Capital Markets functionality is enabled, a company is a corporate client that issues securities. A contact is an entity that represents a person who is not a NexJ CRM user, such as a prospective or current clientIf Capital Markets functionality is enabled, an institutional client that trades securities through a capital markets firm is an institution.

Enabling capital markets also enables the Capital Markets tab on the Home workspace.

Users must have the appropriate privileges to access Capital Markets workspaces and to view and manage Capital Markets features. You can assign privileges to enable:

  • Viewing the HoldingsSecurities, and Transactions workspaces.
  • Managing securities and coverage of sectors, industries, and companies on the Securities workspace.
  • Managing holdings on the Contacts and Holdings workspace.
  • Managing research subscriptions on the Contacts and Customize workspaces.
  • Managing funds and stock interests on the Contacts workspace.
  • Using call lists on the Call Lists workspace for capital markets and on the Contacts workspace.

call list is a list of contacts or leads for the user to call to communicate about a particular topic.

For more information on privileges for capital markets, see NexJ CRM privileges.