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Setting up the reporting environment

Set up your reporting environment by recreating all data sources. All data sources related to your model will be recreated together with the BI data source to ensure a clean setup of the reporting environment.

You must create a reporting database before you recreate the BI data source.

To set up the reporting environment:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Run Tool button  and select Data Load Tool.
  2. In the Server and Connections section, select the files for the server.
  3. In the Command field, select recreate.
  4. In the Data Source field, select the data source to recreate.
    • To recreate all data sources, select * and ensure that BI_1_BI_Database is present in the list of data sources.
    • To recreate only the BI data source, select BI_1_BI_Database.
  5. Complete other fields in the dialog as appropriate and click Run. All data sources are recreated. Verify that new tables have been added to the reporting database. There should be several BI_1_* tables corresponding to the BI classes specified in the BI context.
  6. Validate and deploy the updated model.

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