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Monitoring log messages

The administrator should be aware of ERROR and EXCEPTION entries in log files and monitoring services applications.

Example error message

The following are examples of error messages in WebSphere application server logs.

[10/30/08 14:13:53:898 EDT] 000036a9 ObjectMessage 1 [nexjsa] Object formatting 
[10/30/08 14:13:53:972 EDT] 000036a9 ExchangeRefre W [nexjsa] Exception 
nexj.core.integration.IntegrationException: Error formatting the message 
"ExchangeObjectScheduleItem". (err.integration.format)

Example exception message

The following is an example of an exception message in WebSphere application server logs.

nexj.core.integration.IntegrationException: No matching persistent object for 
message part "ExchangeObjectCollection scheduleItems". 

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