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Using NexJ CRM system monitoring tools

You can generate a package that contains diagnostic information directly from NexJ System Admin Console. As you do not need to rely on other teams within your organization to generate this package, you can more quickly provide information to NexJ for troubleshooting purposes.

This functionality is only available when the full JDK is used.

Configuring the default package location

You can configure the default package location for data generated for diagnostic operations associated with system health monitoring.

By default, data is output to following default dump directory: <SERVER_HOME>/data/<node1>/dump



Is the root directory of the NexJ application server instance.


Is the node on which to generate the package.

To configure the default package location:

  1. In NexJ System Admin Console, navigate to the Statistics page.
  2. In the Statistics list, expand the node for your NexJ application, then select AdministrationConfiguration options for statistics display in the details area.
  3. Beside Diagnostics output directory in the details area, double-click in the Value column. A text entry field displays.
  4. Enter an absolute path or a path that is relative to the default data directory. The default package location is updated.

You have configured the default package location. Changes take effect immediately.