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Client coverage is a method of assigning individual users or a group of users to be responsible for managing the relationship with the client. A client is a contact, company, or household with whom you have built a business relationship. You can assign coverage of a client to an individual user or a coverage group. A coverage group is a group of users who share responsibility for covering an entity, opportunity, or account plan. A coverage team is a collection of all the individual users and coverage groups who receive view and edit access to entities and collaborate on their corresponding opportunities, activities, and account plans. A coverage role is the role assigned to a user when they are covering a client, opportunity, or account plan. Each user on the coverage team is assigned a coverage role when covering a client, opportunity, or account plan. When you are part of an entity's coverage team, the entity appears in your data table on the Contacts workspace. The Coverage card in an entity's Detail tab lists all the users that make up that entity's coverage team.

Assigning and removing coverage for entities

To assign coverage to a selected entity, navigate to the entity's Detail tab. On the Coverage card, click the Add button

and select one of the following options:

  • User
    Select a user and assign a coverage role.
  • Coverage Group
    Search for and select a coverage group. Coverage groups are created and maintained by your administrator. For more information about creating coverage groups, see Client coverage groups.

You can add a user multiple times into different roles. When you add a coverage group, the individuals will all have roles assigned automatically.

To edit the following information after you assign coverage to an entity, click the Expand button

for that user or coverage team on the Coverage card and click Edit:

  • Coverage role
  • Other coverage information for an individual user or a coverage team

Even if a user was added as part of a group, you can remove them later as an individual. To remove an individual user from an entity's coverage team, click the Expand button and click Remove User. If the user is part of a coverage group, follow the same steps to remove them from the coverage team.

To remove an entire coverage group from an entity's coverage team, click the Expand button for any user in the coverage group and click Remove Coverage Group.

When you add or remove a member of a coverage group for entities, the changes are cascaded to all clients with that coverage group. These changes are not automatically cascaded for coverage groups for opportunities.

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