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NexJ Customer Relationship Management workspaces

NexJ CRM contains workspaces for accessing and managing your business information.

The following workspaces are available in NexJ CRM:

Home workspace
The Home workspace contains a summary of the content you access most frequently, displayed in the Summary tab and My Contacts' Recent Activities tab. It also displays sales pipeline charts. For more information, see Home workspace and Visualizing your sales pipeline.

Contacts workspace

Use the Contacts workspace to view and manage contacts, companies, and users. The workspace contains a search area, a data table that displays records, and detail information, such as addresses, activities, conversations, service requests, and so on. For more information about managing contacts, see Contacts, companies, households, users, and leads.

Schedule workspace
Use the Schedule workspace to manage your calendar, and meetings planned with clients. For more information about working with schedules and calendars, see Schedule.

Tasks workspace
Use the Tasks workspace to add and modify activities that do not need to occur at a defined time and must be assigned to a user. You can track tasks assigned to you, tasks that you have assigned to other users, and view tasks for other users. For more information about working with tasks, see Tasks.

Document Manager workspace

Leads workspace
Managing leads (Classic Leads feature)
Opportunities workspace


Service Requests workspace
Use the Service Requests workspace to search for and manage service requests and their associated activities. For more information about working with service requests, see Service requests.

Campaigns workspace
Use the Campaigns workspace to create campaigns and manage associated details, including steps, participants, and opportunities. For more information about working with campaigns, see Campaigns.

Customize workspace
Business administrators with appropriate permissions can customize various features in NexJ CRM from the Customize workspace. For more information about customizing features, see Customize workspace.

Reports workspace 
Ad hoc reportsService Level Management workspace

The Service Level Management workspace displays all unscheduled, scheduled, deferred, or completed touches, for any contact for whom you are on the coverage team. Use this workspace to schedule an activity for a touch, reset the touch target date, or update upcoming or most recent touch activity details. For more information, see Service level management.

Import workspace
Business administrators can import contacts into NexJ CRM from a legacy system to a staging area in NexJ CRM using the Import workspace, and you can merge them with your current database. For more information, see Import contacts and leads data.

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