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A report is a specific type of file that can extract information from the NexJ CRM database to be presented in an organized manner

Reports provide in-depth information about an area of interest, such as a group of contacts, or summarize information across multiple areas, such as interactions between users and clients.

You can generate two types of reports:

Ad hoc reports
Ad hoc reports are runtime-configurable reports that allow users to determine their content, by selecting, filtering, and sorting information from NexJ CRM. When you want to determine which data extracted from NexJ CRM should be contained in the report and when you want to visually display data using charts, generate ad hoc reports on the Reports workspace. You can export ad hoc reports to CSV format to view, save, and share.

Predefined reports
Predefined reports display information from a specific workspace in a predetermined format. For example, you can generate a Detail Report from the Contacts workspace to display predefined information about a single contact or list of contacts. Generate predefined reports using the Reports button 

on the Contacts, Schedule, Service Requests, Tasks, and Service Level Management workspaces. You can output predefined reports to a specific file format so that they can be viewed, saved, and shared. 

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