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NexJ Add-In error handling

Some error messages generated by NexJ CRM are displayed in NexJ Add-In for Microsoft Office. In addition, these NexJ CRM messages and other NexJ Add-In messages are tracked in the Windows Event Viewer. All communication errors between NexJ Add-In and the application server running NexJ CRM are tracked.

To display the complete stack trace of the error in NexJ Add-In, instead of the brief error message, set the ShowStackTrace registry key to 1.

Viewing error messages in Event Viewer

To enable this functionality, set the LogTraceToEventViewer registry key to 1.
  1. Navigate to Windows Control Panel.
  2. Open Administrative Tools and then open the Event Viewer.
  3. In the Event Viewer, in the Windows Logs folder, select the Application log.
  4. Review errors and information messages generated by NexJ Add-In. These messages have the value NexJ Office Add-In in the Source column.
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